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Assignment 1: Tutor Feedback

Overall Comments You present a thorough and exhaustive exploration for this first assignment. The body of work is well referenced and analysed within its historical, social and political context. There is a a good mix of cultural analysis interspersed with … Continue reading

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1.6 The Sublime in Contemporary Art

Fascination with the Sublime is as great today as it was in the eighteenth century and visual artists across all mediums continue to use an aesthetic that generates Burke’s astonishment and awe. Much time and energy is expended discussing photography’s links … Continue reading

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1.3(b) The Influence of Landscape Painting on Photography

In the second part of this exercise I will look at a number of historical and contemporary photographs that strongly reference the visual conventions of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Some of these photographers have been directly influenced by painters, for example Scott McFarland revisited … Continue reading

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